Publication Ethics

The ethical norms that must be adhered to in the Jurnal Smart PAUD publications are in compliance with the COPE (Committee On Publication Ethics) as follows:

1. Authors

  • Authors must enforce scientific behavior, understand the risks and benefits of published articles.
  • Researchers have to present the results of their research honestly, without counterfeiting and data manipulation.
  • The script must follow the Jurnal Smart PAUD submission guidelines which can be seen in the journal template.
  • Articles must be relevant to the Jurnal Smart PAUD topic
  • Articles do not generate conflicts of interest with certain parties.
  • The authors listed in the article are really competent and have significant contributions to the field of early childhood education
  • If the author finds significant errors or inaccuracies in the proposed manuscript, then the author must immediately notify the journal editor and cooperate with the editor to withdraw or repair the manuscript.
  • Authors are prohibited from re-publishing articles or parts of articles, submitting to one or more other journals at the same time submitting articles in the Jurnal Smart PAUD. The author is allowed if the article was rejected by Jurnal Smart PAUD editor in chief.

2. Editor

  • Editors can accept, decline, or request a script change based on the reviewer's recommendation results. Editors can also consult with Editor In Chief in making article publication decisions.
  • Editor evaluates that each initial script is originality. Editors must organize the manuscript fairly and wisely.
  • Editors Choose the reviewer according to his expertise by noting the type of research from the author's submitted article.
  • Editors must ensure that information about the manuscript submitted by the author is kept confidential.

 3. Reviewer

  • Information on the manuscript submitted by the author must be kept confidential and treated as special information.
  • Reviewer must ensure that the author has acknowledged all data sources used in the study.
  • Reviewers must identify published works that are relevant to the Jurnal Smart PAUD  topic and have not been used by other authors.
  • Review the submitted manuscript should be done objectively and the review should reveal clearly the views with sufficient supporting arguments.
  • Reviewers need to be constructive in their summaries and provide feedback to help writers improve their script.
  • Reviewer must respond to the author's script within the appropriate timeframe